For the second time at Dutch Media Lab we'll have another great event, now with 4 lightning talks, that sounds good, right?

Tuesday 14th March 2017

Laravel Design Patterns
Talk by Bobby Bouwman (20 minutes)

Most of us use Design Patterns on a daily basis without noticing. Design patterns are commonly defined as solutions to recurring design problems. Frameworks like Laravel use Design Patterns throughout the codebase to keep structure and maintainability. In this talk we will explore 2 or 3 Design Patterns used in Laravel. Once we have a basis of the design patterns we go into some practical examples.

20:00 GraphQL introduction in PHP
Talk by Renato Mendes Figueiredo (20 minutes)

"GraphQL represents a massive leap forward for API development." says GitHub. What can we do with it in PHP? It turns out to be not that hard. In this talk I will present how you can make this happen using PHP with Symfony backed by the current available libraries, while also taking some time to introduce you to the concept behind it and what could be the advantages for your project.

Transactional analysis is not a database tool
Talk by Pim Elshoff (20 minutes)

If programmers ever were those people who don't really talk to other people it was a long time ago. These days developers have conversations regularly. Some chats even go well. Then again, some don't. Why is that? What's happening? And why?With a little bit of improv and a little bit of theory we take a look at conversation. TA is a useful model of human interaction that you can use in your every day work life, and beyond.

Static Analysis for fun and profit
Talk by Jeroen van der Gulik (20 minutes)

Static Analysis tools have been around for ages. Although lesser known in dynamic languages, they can provide great value by pre-emptively detecting potential errors or unplanned features commonly referred to as bugs. One of the reasons they are lesser known is because usually they are hard to install or hard to use. PHPStan is a relatively new tool which has none of those drawbacks, so now you too can use Static Analysis for fun and profit!