Talk comments

Emii Khaos at 19:56 on 6 Feb 2017

Thanks for the great overview of all the tools for collaboration and the insights how designers work. Even if we are developers, we should know how other departments work (on the surface).

Especially helpful if you're a freelance developer and searching for a way to work together with other freelance designer in customer projects :D

Terrence Ryan at 22:50 on 4 Feb 2017

Ɓukasz - terribly sorry that I was not clear enough in what I was saying. I wasn't saying that go was faster performing in general than PHP 5.5 or 7. That's not fair in the case of 5.5 (which is clearly outdated as you say) and not provable in the case of 7 (which doesn't run yet on App Engine and therefore cannot be tested.)

What I was saying that a go binary launches faster on App Engine then PHP code. This is a pretty reasonable point, as PHP is an interpreted language with a corresponding runtime and a go binary is a complied stand alone application. With a non-exhaustive search I can't find performance metrics for PHP 7 spin up times, or anything that directly compares PHP vs golang performance.

But more importantly, I was not trying to say "use Go over PHP." I thought I was pretty clear that I was saying "if you run into a performance bottleneck in PHP you might need to try another language, like C or, like I chose, Go." You give up the productivity of PHP but you get the performance of the other language.

In any case, sorry to leave such a bad impression.

Toon Verwerft at 07:00 on 3 Feb 2017

Never saw somebody explain cryptography this easy as you did. Great job!

James Titcumb at 13:13 on 2 Feb 2017

Thanks! Another good evening.

James Titcumb at 13:13 on 2 Feb 2017

It was alright ;)

James Titcumb at 13:05 on 2 Feb 2017

Interesting stuff, well explained, but a little haphazard (though, Dries did warn that it's a very new talk, so understandable). This has good potential to be expanded into a much more detailed full length talk.

James Titcumb at 13:03 on 2 Feb 2017

Although this talk *could* be boiled down to "use your calendar better", that's what it's helped me do. I was already using my calendar a lot, but I'm now using it much more effectively. There's plenty of other related tips however, and important point about discipline which is really important. You've made a positive difference in my life Chris (albeit a small difference), and I'm not even being sarcastic for once. Thanks for your talk!

James Titcumb at 13:00 on 2 Feb 2017

Great chats, great people. Missed the bumper cars, but my knees thanked me for it.

James Titcumb at 12:59 on 2 Feb 2017

Nothing to add; great talk.

Ben Willems at 10:09 on 2 Feb 2017

Great keynote and an inspiration to developers everywhere!