Talk comments

A new concept that was introduced. Ignoring the initial technical issues, it was great to have a group discussion about testing and the misconceptions of developers in regards to testing. Great insights and awesome stories shared… definitely something we want to have more of.

This was a different talk than what we were normally used to, but the presentation delivered beyond my wildest expectations. Not only it confirmed some of the observations I saw during my work, it also provided a complete different point of view to challenges we all face every day. Learned a bunch!

As mentioned already, some strong language used, but it shows passion and involvement. A great talk, well delivered and very educational.

An amazing session that blew me away with how to improve my work using tools I use daily using build-in features I wasn't aware they existed. To me it was a 6/5 rating!

Good presentation style, a bit fast but very understandable and with the recordings it's is super to rewatch it at my own pace. Well done!

Nice talk on testing and from another angle than I am used to

Arjan Kleene at 21:07 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk! It shows (again) that there's so much more than unit testing. Very nice to get another viewpoint.

Jos Elstgeest at 20:57 on 11 Mar 2021

Great talk and insights from the perspective of the tester.

Some great pointers

Maybe a bit heavy on strong language, but that shows your passion for the subject.

When I hear 'testing', my brain says 'unit tests, integration tests, web tests'. It was interesting to see the topic 'testing' from another point of view.

Very enlightening talk, I learned a lot about testing :)

Great talk! Learned a lot more about tests and testers!

This was great. Using bisect with testing is an absolutely brilliant idea!