Talk comments

Bardzo dziękuję wszystkim za oceny mojej prezentacji, szczególnie za te krytyczne. Postaram się uwzględnić te uwagi w moich przyszłych wystąpieniach.

Definitely among the best at the conference. All the theory very well laid down and good real life examples following. Subject perfectly executed by Michał - there was nothing more to add, maybe one LOLcat or two - but then again ASCII slides rule :) +1 for not having pre-recorded video slides ;)

One of the best presentations on PHPCon. Returned my faith in humanity and cured my hangover. Mariusz executed it perfectly and it was super interesting. Very good vibe, confident speaker, interesting subject - had it all! Goob job Mariusz :)

Most of the stuff that I already know but I really felt that it's good that someone said it out loud. Wojciech has a good flow on the stage so it really was a pleasure to listen. I think that this could make an awesome blog post. Good Job!

A little bit not my cup of tea - was wondering if a lot of people have such memory issues as the presenter. Felt kind of too deep down so was boring from time to time and I think it's kind of bold to stand on a PHP conference and say something like SOLID sucks because of the amount of classes we create - +1 for the balls ;)

Good talk and had a lot of fun seeing how Michelangelo executes it in an interesting way

One of the few interesting talks at PHPCon. Richard prepared the presentation very well and you could see that he is nailing it. Only thing was that Richard was a bit tired on the stage - but after the amount of knowledge gained on the first day I would as well ;P ;)

This became kind of joke subject during the whole conference. Regarding the talk - I think the most embarrassing part was when someone from the iPresso team had to come to the stage to answer some question from the audience because the guys giving the talk didn't know what they were talking about.

Hands down the best talk at the whole conference. I was curious about how Inviqa/Sensio do BDD and I got it all in this talk ... and then some. Everzet has an awesome vibe when he talks and the subject was very well prepared and structured. Perfectly executed!

I was expecting a lot of details and some "meat" and all I got was some stale jokes and a lot of vague concepts. Almost nothing about websockets in PHP.