Talk comments

Jakub Chadaj at 09:09 on 7 Dec 2019

I've enjoyed this presentation, the topic was interesting. Liam touched the most important parts of the subject and outlined solutions that were implemented to deal with a problem scaling the application, he explained tradeoffs and gains of solutions he implemented, presented alternatives. Very educational.

"Best talk of PHPcon 2019". In my opinion too.!

nrm at 09:29 on 18 Nov 2019

Dużo, dużo, dużo za szybko, za niewyraźnie. Prawdopodobnie merytorycznie super (specjalnie zostałem do końca dla tej prezki) ale poddałem się po 10 minutach prób zrozumienia wszystkich słów. ;( Bardzo to męczące było.

For me one of two best talks of PHPCon Poland 2019. Not only good part of knowledge but told in interesting and passionate way.

Gábor Nádai at 23:32 on 17 Nov 2019

@kkreft Thanks for the detailed review! It is only a typo on the slide, I've fixed it, I was speaking about minimum viable products indeed. Also I didn't know what was the moderator saying in Polish at the and of the talk, but now I know it was "no time for questions", it explains a lot. I have to improve that, last time I was way more faster and finished 10 minutes sooner. Thanks again for the review!

Gábor Nádai at 23:30 on 17 Nov 2019

Thanks for the great comments so far!

Karol Kreft at 23:07 on 17 Nov 2019

Interesting talk with a lot more than only six things that every leader should be aware of. Sensable and well presented.

There is one point that I disagree with. Maybe the author may give it another, closer look. The part about the MVP. AFAIK MVP in product development means "Minimum Viable Product", not "Most Viable Product" as slide no. 43 is saying. The mistake may have something common with sport, where the popular term is Most Valuable Player.

The clue of MVP is to handle the business concerns, and provide as much value as we can, with the minimum of the cost at the same time. The end product is not the key, value is. In the early phase we don't have many thoughts about the vision of the end product. What we only have, are a few assumptions that we are going to turn into value and deliver as some features, then gather early feedback to choose the direction for our product.

Look at Dropbox. They are struggling with the hard technical problem (security, sync, source availability and so on). Before they finished the prototype, they decided to make a video with explanation what problem and how they are going to tackle, and that was their MVP.

The next slide looks like misunderstanding, what Henrik Kniberg explained with the example of bike, scooter and car. I recommend his article:

Going back to the talk itself, there was no time for questions from the audience. It seems like presentation may fit more to 55-minute timeslot than 40.

MG at 20:48 on 17 Nov 2019

MG at 20:42 on 17 Nov 2019

Waste of time :(
On conference like PHPCon most people know what is PhpStorm, PHPStan etc.

MG at 20:36 on 17 Nov 2019

Very nice talk. Now the only thing that i can think about is ... kebab :)