Talk comments

Anonymous at 05:39 on 8 Aug 2011

Looks great, checked out the pdf. Any updates/main www??


Anonymous at 09:24 on 26 May 2011

That's a mold-breaker. Great thniknig!

Great content, good explanation!
The huge amount of content definitely allows for more presentations around the same topic.

Anonymous at 14:03 on 23 May 2011

Nice Overview. NoSQL looks like all is easy - but whats about Monitoring Replication state? Or Backup?

I quote all the comments above but there's another thing that I want to say: this talk moved me!

We're nerd, geeks, technicians but most of all humans!
Thanks again Jacopo!

Good talk. A well exposed overview of different kind of encryption.

Ottimo talk. Buona la descrizione dell'infrastruttura (che andava bene anche senza sf). Aggiungerei qualche cosa di più pratico su sf.

Good talk and well presented. Other examples would be interesting (is possible to create model without annotation? Testing and fixtures?)