Talk comments

Ekin H. Bayar at 23:25 on 30 May 2018

It was a great presentation that dived into making good use of monitoring tools and metrics with a live demonstration. Thanks for introducing me to elastic stack and other useful tools out there I can make use of.

Ekin H. Bayar at 23:14 on 30 May 2018

It was a nice overview of good practices that developers need in their toolbox and how to make better use of them, thanks.

Ekin H. Bayar at 21:19 on 29 May 2018

It was a nice and informative presentation that covered some of the notable Xdebug features such as function monitoring, path/branch coverage and other recent additions. Thanks

Ekin H. Bayar at 12:38 on 26 May 2018

It was a great topic and presentation. I will be definitely making use of things I have learned from this talk. Thanks a lot for informing us on getting i18n right in the user interfaces we create and products we build.

Ekin H. Bayar at 12:23 on 26 May 2018

It was nice to be informed about the future of WordPress, the efforts to encourage hosting providers and plugin authors to upgrade. Great to hear about Browse Happy and Serve Happy projects. Thank you :)

Ekin H. Bayar at 12:11 on 26 May 2018

Interesting tool and topic to talk about. Although the speed of talk could be improved (it was a bit slow). Thank you for a nice and useful presentation.

Ekin H. Bayar at 12:04 on 26 May 2018

It was a great opening keynote, I enjoyed listening the entire talk. Yay for referencing cool games in the slides :) Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Great points on the subject. Defensive Programming is one of the important topics that every developer should pay attention.