Talk comments

Sam Rogers at 08:54 on 12 Apr 2019

Brilliant presentation, I've not used Postman before but definitely will after this. Erica's delivery was well-paced and engaging, good choice of demonstration API as well.

Clearly, there's a lot more to it than we learned in 10 minutes and I'm excited to learn the rest.

Sam Rogers at 08:52 on 12 Apr 2019

Very interesting talk about an important subject. It's a shame that the talk didn't end with a way to get involved or support the initiative but that's no fault of Ashley. I will be keeping an eye out for how to buy an Enfys in the future.

Sam Rogers at 08:49 on 12 Apr 2019

Great demonstration of how useful Valet can be and practical applications in industry.

Sam Rogers at 08:47 on 12 Apr 2019

Friendly and engaging talk covering a lot of tips on how to stay motivated when learning a new technology. Excellent points delivered really well, definitely want to hear more after 10 minutes.

Friendly casual style that came across well for delivering a talk. Clear points well made with amusing GIFs to illustrate - very easy to listen to.

Confident delivery and very entertaining slides to start the evening of talks. Made some good points, could maybe expand on the suggestions for getting over the apathy problem.

Loved the talk about how science fiction could become science fact. Would enjoy some slides to show what era we were in when talking about the progressing timeline.

Alot of us learners believed our code was rubbish to show to others. It's good to see that at higher levels it's not only a concern, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Rob Wilson at 20:46 on 10 Apr 2019

Lucia always gives a great talk, her stories inspire and make you think - only thing that springs to mind is maybe throw a slide or two in ;)

An interesting talk format, with some nice ideas and good delivery

I’d have loved to see a timeline to help put some of the events in scale.