Talk comments

Brent Hosie at 12:28 on 14 Jul 2016

Clear, concise, and friendly. The code and slides were very easy to follow. Great balance between an overview and diving into implementation.

Inna Dagaieva at 09:23 on 2 Jun 2016

I think this type of talks are very important in world of web developers. You really need to be aware of physiologic and mental issues that can come along with doing what programmers do. Steve covered everything in great manner. Thanks to him for adding this talk into a conference.

Inna Dagaieva at 08:53 on 2 Jun 2016

Found out a lot of new things for myself at this talk. Great speaker!

A lot of great history on the community, even if I wasn't around to experience it first-hand. That said, there was a lot of inside information and the long history (and tight friendships) are a bit off-putting to someone trying to become established. Not a knock on the presentation itself, but it did paint the [tek] crew as a bit cliquish...

This was an excellent introduction to what BDD is and how to start doing it now. There were some issues trying to get all the software installed which caused quite a few hiccups, but otherwise I thought this was a good hand-on tutorial.

I thought this was an excellent first stab at a keynote. With a bit of work this would be a 5-thumbs-up keynote.

This was an excellent talk that contained a fair amount of common sense stuff as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your documentation. Writing documentation and keeping it up-to-date is always a chore, but this talk gives some actionable items all of us can start with to get better.

I love all the VR stuff coming out, and this was an excellent introduction into using it for the web. 30 minutes did not do this talk justice, and I would love to see it as a longer talk.

While it provided a few good examples of logging and logging tools in general, the meat of the talk was an excellent overview of the ELK stack. Enjoyed the examples and usage of ELK, and how easy it can be to use.

I think I would like to see this as a tutorial. An hour seems like just enough to scratch the surface of how each language is doing the same work, and a longer talk slot would give time for more in-depth conversation and examples. It was a great talk as is though.