Talk comments

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Lorna Mitchell at 17:55 on 9 Dec 2015

If you saw the talk then you know that I didn't use slides, so I'm afraid I can't share them, sorry. For a much less chaotic version of the same content, plus bucket loads more where that came from, try which is literally what happened when I tried to scale up this talk to a longer session :)

Anonymous at 17:45 on 7 Dec 2015

Great session, but I could write only so fast. I have Googled and check Lorna's Twitter...where are the slides? They are not with the rest.

Anonymous at 17:42 on 7 Dec 2015

Lorna was engaging and spoke well. She seemed to know her topic well and was prepared to go in any direction the audience sent her. It went fast, there was a lot covered, and I learned things I can actually use at work, good session!

Anonymous at 17:34 on 7 Dec 2015

This session was presented in an organized, easy to follow way. Chris did a good job of communication, speaking clearly and professionally e.g. no pauses, repetitive words or half finished sentences. That kept my attention. Yes this is a huge topic, but this material was a great beginning to being aware of security best practices and common attacks. I like having the opportunity to code for a bit to get a feel for how to prevent potential security issues.

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Anonymous at 04:43 on 2 Dec 2015

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