Scotland PHP is a one day conference, being held in our nation's capital, Edinburgh; on the 4th November, 2017.

Saturday 4th November 2017

Rated 4
Rise of the Machines
Keynote by Josh Holmes in track (50 minutes)
10:30 Pushing the Limits of PHP with ReactPHP
Talk by Christian Lück in Track 2 (50 minutes)
The Myth of untestable Code
Talk by Sebastian Heuer in track (50 minutes)
Rated 3
Refactoring Large Legacy Applications with Laravel
Talk by Craig McCreath in Track 2 (50 minutes)
What even is "Cloud Native"?
Talk by David McKay in track (50 minutes)
Rated 4
MySQL 8 -- A New Beginning
Talk by Dave Stokes in track (50 minutes)
Content Security Policies: Let's Break Stuff
Talk by Matt Brunt in Track 2 (50 minutes)
14:30 Security Theatre
Talk by Thomas Shone in Track 2 (50 minutes)
The Science of Code Reviews
Talk by Rick Kuipers in track (50 minutes)
15:30 GraphQL is right in front of us, let's do it!
Talk by Renato Mendes Figueiredo in Track 2 (50 minutes)
Rated 5
Containing Chaos with Kubernetes
Talk by Terrence Ryan in track (50 minutes)
16:45 Clean Application Development
Talk by Adam Culp in track (50 minutes)
Behat Best Practices
Talk by Ciaran McNulty in Track 2 (50 minutes)
Rated 4
Creating Space to be Awesome
Keynote by Meri Williams in track (45 minutes)