Talk comments

Chad Grigsby at 19:24 on 1 Mar 2018

Great info. I’ll be sharing this with our team.

Good talk and considerations to have regarding optimization.

Excellent and very interesting, it made me think about applications to develop. Thanks for sharing the struggles you had so we can go over them.

Super good, this helped me to realize that it is true that we should do every effort to make our applications available to be used by everybody.

I will consider the things learned here to be applied in my APIs

Great presentation and practical examples

Good information, concepts explained well.

David gave a really good uncon talk on automating the QA process. Good tools and examples were introduced and discussed, and the flow was excellent.

Omni Adams at 17:37 on 14 Feb 2018

-1 was hoping for more talk about micro-optimizations: ' vs " or echo vs print.

Seriously though, the things you talked about would be so useful for many of the developers I've worked with that want to just trust their gut on what needs to be optimized. They feel like part X is the slow part without measuring and throw caching or unroll loops or whatever at it, and they shave a quarter of a percent off their timing. If they had measured they might have seen that part Y was where the problem was and that a small fix there would cut request time in half.

Could have used animated gifs instead of those static ones.