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Mota Patrick at 07:48 on 18 Dec 2018

Very good, can't wait to test the tunneling function.

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Perhaps not an advanced track talk, but great insight for someone who has not been in the symfony world for a while (me).

Beer & event sourcing? Party! Very simple and good example of event sourcing and where is it applicable.

I did not understand how is this an advanced talk and was expecting a bit more than just a basic introduction to the components.

Seeing ApiPlatform and workflow component for the first time - this was quite an informative and useful talk for me.

It was interesting to hear a different approach and challenges when going global on a *low budget*.

Good content and presentation, I was probably expecting something more than just this very specific case.

I was expecting more from an advanced level talk - like deeper insights and usage examples.

Simple, clear, good examples and good pivot to symfony.

It was a talk more than a keynote for me.

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