Talk comments

Great overview and precious inside info for the all Symfony community.

on Keynote

An hard decision to take, but I'll take this as my favorite talk of the day.

Very informative, very useful, a lot of topics and examples. Would like to see a longer talk. Thank you Giulio.

5 stars for our host, Samuel Gordalina. You are a natural Jeopardy presenter!

And please port that Jeopardy app to HTML5 :) Guess what, there are a bunch of them on GitHub: Let's fork them!

Great intro, great talk all the way and it was highly useful for newcomers to the Form component like me. Thanks Bernhard (go check his talk to learn the proper pronunciation:)

Jakub is very knowledgeable about Symfony internals and gave a lot of examples to follow. Next time, bring a bit more of energy to the presentation and it will be 5 stars for sure.

@liuggio nailed it: "Marcello knows how to easily talk about hard topics".

Loved Marcello presentation, very engaging, with good energy, fun to follow. Marcello is empathetic and is very clear when transmitting his thoughts. Made me want to further explore the hexagonal concept presented.