Talk comments

Hey all! I am extremely sorry for not being able to attend, but as you saw, you were in excellent hands with the amazing Amory. I will make sure when we cross paths Paul to hook you up with an extra churro! :D

Great presentation. I think this can be applied to any business model. I've already shared the youtube link with two other people in my department. Soft skills can certainly be overlooked in our industry despite how profitable and enjoyable it can be.

Great demo of the technology and overview of what is possible. Appreciate the work that Amazee has done in this area and that it is not a dream but is actionable today.

Agree—great examples and resources.

Short, sweet, and to the point!

Dave and David provided a great overview, encouragement, and some excellent starting points for starting down the path of certification. Their documentation is accessible and gives you a good idea of areas which are needed to be looked at for further study. I especially appreciated the first part of the document talking about HTML5 and CSS which would likely have been totally skimmed over (by someone like me).

Looking forward to taking the test very soon!

Amory did a great job discussing the most visible, important, and yet hard-to-quantify job roles that exists in our industry. She had some great takeaways and I am excited to see where she continues to take the conversation.

Dennis Kimble at 05:54 on 5 Jun 2017

Great Class! The instructor was very organized which allowed me to follow his train of thought as he described how to move from a very high level analysis of a problem down to the specific point of failure.

I would very much like to see more of these types of classes that help newbies get inside the head of experienced Drupal coders to improve their skills.

Paul Grotevant at 14:23 on 4 Jun 2017

No churros, but great content. Good job filling in for the original presenter!

The concepts and infrastructure recommendations were spot-on from my own experiences. I think the entire presentation could really better showcase the data / metadata transitions with a flowchart showing a comparison between the Feeds module and the custom-methods outlined.