Talk comments

Ditto what Michelangelo said, first of all. I know quite a lot about git/github, but still found this talk incredibly useful (and fun). I appreciated the emphasis on social coding and how to be a useful contributer, and the encouragement to develoeprs new to open source to dive in. Also appreciated the additional resources regarding where to find others supporting open source newbies. AND the brief, but VERY appreciated mention of PHPWomen, which I totally didn't know about!

Great talk! Very inspiring and informative, even for those of us already involved in! Loved the Star Wars references as well -- hilarious, and at the same time, spot on analogies.

Anonymous at 03:39 on 29 Oct 2012

Good work.

This was the kind of session that should have been recorded to share with everyone interested in learning Git as well as anyone who isn't. Great explanations backed up with solid examples, my favourite kind of presentation style.

Awesome talk with incredibly cool slides which used Imbo directly from the slides in order to demonstrate what it can do.

Excellent talk on why the community is important as well as personal anecdotes towards getting involved. If you want to talk about the PHP community there are few other people to approach than Michelangelo. I especially liked how you highlighted contributions and quotes from some of the "PHP Celebrities" which led back to the theme of getting involved.

Also, if you are thinking about organizing a PHP User Group this session is a must see. His experience in this area is top notch and the advice is solid.

Michelangelo, thank you for running through this session at rapid pace for me.

Awesome talk. Totally should have been on the main track.

Good talk! Would love to see a talk on actual implementation, using the data in different ways etc at some point.

Excellent talk and discussion afterwards. Thank you.

As always, great job.