Doctrine ORM and Zend Framework 2


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If you want to get started with doctrine ORM this is the jumstart you need

Nice session! nice speaker. Good introduction to doctrine.

Great intro to doctrine, really showed off how useful and easy it can be. Looking forward to playing around with it.

Anonymous at 15:09 on 8 Oct 2013

Marco has been nothing but helpful in his proselytizing about using Doctrine 2 with ZF2. And it's worked for me. Thanks!

The connection to ZF2 wasn't strong... Or, if it was, it's just like using it with ZF1 so it was a bit subtle. Good talk, though. Good intro to Doctrine.

Found it to be a good intro into Doctrine. The only knock I have is it was super hard to read anything on the screen...

Good overall session with plenty of fun bits thrown in to keep us awake!

Very intertaining and informative intro to Doctrine

Anonymous at 15:37 on 8 Oct 2013

It was evident that Mario/Marco knew his stuff about Doctrine. I thought he did a really good job of not getting too deep into the Doctrine internals but show some brief/simple code examples and discuss core concepts.

Fantastic job, entertaining and informative. He knew his stuff and had his opinions and didn't mince words.

Will never use doctrine with zf2 but this talk gave me a lot of great ideas. The topic was very well presented. Great job!

Anonymous at 08:10 on 9 Oct 2013

Great informative presentation. Very dynamic and lively talk. Can you share the slides?

Not only a great community leader and a really nice guy, but also a great presenter. Nice job.

Excellent job! I've been using the Doctrine ORM/ODM modules for close to a year now and still managed to learn some new things from this talk. I would love to see a more in-depth talk in the future aimed at developers who have already had exposure to Doctrine and want to get an idea of what else is available besides the typical use cases.

I attended this talk because I wanted to watch Marco present. Everywhere I go in php-land Marco has already been there and is probably a team-member-and-commiter.

The material was presented clearly, Marco took his time to make sure his audience was following along, and showed enterprise-ready examples.

Very solid content and excellent delivery. Marco was able to talk through the slides fluidly and move them along without having to glance back at each new slide and read from it.

My only complaint is that my own Doctrine presentation on the next day followed nearly the same outline :)

Anonymous at 04:52 on 20 Nov 2013