Talk comments

Intro was too long and not so relevant, slides need more work, and in the end I still don't understand how or why would I use a service bus.

Nice talk, but the intro could be shorter with more concrete examples.

Zgphp meetup at 17:14 on 8 Mar 2018

First of all, thanks for coming to Zagreb to talk about this topic. I find it personally very interesting and it is always a pleasure to hear more about CQRS.

The talk was great, well rehearsed and I really enjoyed examples of bad and best practice.
I've never heard of query bus before, and the example of throttling queries by using the bus was eye-opening.

Nino Uzelac at 18:26 on 7 Mar 2018

Flawless English, but it was a bit boring for me, intro was long and examples were too simple and I just didn't catch the benefit over using some other pattern (repositories, services).

Great talk and interesting topics. It reminded me of Computerphile's video about timezones. I think there is enough material out there to make series of talks.

Great lightening talk and very interesting topic. I would also love to hear a full talk on the subject.

The fact that the talk was improvised was obvious but the presenters charm was a great compensation but it can only get you so far. With proper preparation I believe it would be a great talk so I hope we'll see a proper version of it.

Interesting subject and with better preparation the talk itself would be better, since this time it was hard to read code itself.

Great lightening talk, definitively made me interested in the subject.

Nice talk. Maybe . the intro part could be shorten a bit in favor of the "meat" of the talk though.