Talk comments

I had a great time! Bogomil and the crew made us all feel welcome and enjoy the event. the talks I managed to see were also great!
I was glad to see that the food situation has been improved a lot this year and we didn't need to go off venue to get something to eat.

As an attendee it would have been amazing if there were videos of the talks but I understand that it's not an easy thing to pull off with 4 tracks and this many talks. Also having a few minutes between the talks will make it a lot easier for people to switch rooms and network more.

Speaker or not I am definitely coming back next year!

It's always great to see someone so knowledgeable speak! I haven't really used MongoDB and now I know I never really understood it either. Derick somehow made the topic accessible even for someone like me and I was able to follow and understand pretty much everything.

EmberJS isn't the most popular framework in Bulgaria but as someone that actually works on an Ember app that is in production I was really pleased to see this talk in the schedule. Although it was mostly Ember focused there were also tips that are applicable to other frameworks and testing in JavaScript in general.

I have to agree that she does speak a little too fast, but for me personally it wasn't a huge problem.

I have never been to a talk as interactive as this. When I saw quiz in the title I didn't expect to be handed pen and paper in the beginning and an actual quiz. That said the points I got were way less than what I expected but I also learned new things in the process.

Overal a good overview of what WebAssembly is and what it can do for you. And The Wheel Of WebAssembly is absolutely awesome.

Milana Cap at 16:00 on 19 Apr 2018

Great conference, very inviting and relaxed. The only thing I'd like to be added is recording of all talks.

I had really great time. Thanks to organisers for everything.

Petar Netev at 16:20 on 18 Apr 2018

Absolutely fantastic presentation for storing data in MongoDB! To have a man like Derick ( i.e. core developer ) to talk you about the Mongo and give you so clear and nice examples is just fantastic. The worst thing here is that his time was just 45 minutes. It would be great if you have him talk about MongoDB for at least 2 hours!

Petar Netev at 16:18 on 18 Apr 2018

It is obvious that Andrey has a lot of experience with technologies, but the presentation was somehow not enough, especially if you're just about to get into Docker.

Petar Netev at 16:16 on 18 Apr 2018

The presentation was fine if you're totally unaware of such a libraries like Vue.js, but it was nothing special if you're already aware of react. However the lecturer did a good job.

Petar Netev at 16:14 on 18 Apr 2018

Lian's presentation was clear for understanding such a hard topic as machine learning. It was short and clear, and we all know that this is the best way for explanation.