Talk comments

This talk was great for me, especially since I am at the beginning edge of PHP! It's nice to have tips going in to the front end, rather than my own "lessons learned" on the other side. Would definitely recommend this to beginners/intermediate for the value of the tips, and to others for the humor and many resources of information Cal provided.

Andrei was a great presenter, but I think this one was a little over my head. Due to a delay in the equipment set up, he skipped ahead quite a bit because most of the audience acknowledged that they were advanced (well, except me :). Glad to have the opportunity to download and review the beginning slides. Would definitely suggest this could be broken up into two sessions - beginner (or intermediate) and advanced. Very informative, though, and I'd definitely recommend Andrei's presentations to others.

Agree with the previous comments that this could definitely be expanded into a tutorial, and would love to see more on REST. Very informative.

Definitely lots of good info, and agree with ashnazg - Brian's extensive production experience made the presentation much richer than just a generic memcached information session.

Very good overall. Too bad that the time constraints prevented further discussions.

This talk mostly dealt with the PHP Tokenizer extension which seems to be primarily useful for refactoring or other source code operations rather than user input processing which the session description indicated it would be about.

The most useful gem I saw in this talk was the brief mention of HTMLPurifier, which I think will come in handy.

I primarily attended this session to learn more about Selenium (after seeing it demonstrated by Sebastian the day before) but this was relegated to the last couple minutes of the hour.

Perhaps a poll at the beginning of the talk to see who uses Firebug would be good. I'd suspect most everyone has pretty much heard about it by now.

Very please with this talk. Derick was apt and willing to answer all my questions. Xdebug looks wonderful and I am hoping to try it out soon.

Glad Chris gave many their first introduction to ambient signifiers and change blindness. Also pleased that he covered user tendencies (which he called "cow paths") and unofficial/unwritten standards such as the implied meanings of words in a given context (specifically the SmugMug example). I was disappointed he didn't give PHP specific principles as I had heard from him in webinars in the past, but I suppose that would be a different talk.

By far the most entertaining presentation.

Useful intro (and re-introduction) to several design patterns. Way too fast at about one minute per slide.

Such a fast presentation needs to be a little more rehearsed, but Cal still gave an excellent overview.