Talk comments

J'ai assisté à la présentation à la rencontre mensuelle de PHPQuebec. Excellente présentation dans laquelle Pierrick a couvert les bases de la création d'extensions.


Anonymous at 21:19 on 8 Apr 2011

Looking forward for your tutorial on StatusNet plugin development.

J'ai bien aimé et apprécié les conseils. Merci!

Great tips, even for seasoned folks. Loved the bit about naming branches for ticket numbers.

Really enjoyed this talk. Great balance of entertaining and informative. Excellent information in follow up questions too.

Matthew described the techniques to setup Jersey and everything you can do with it, including testing. I found that this presentation could save a lot of time for beginners. On the way, he also touched upon some good REST design considerations. Overall, very good java talk for a PHP guy! :-) The only thing is Matthew might want to try listening to questions better as I found some questions and comments were only partially understood and answered.

Andy dived into the architecture of, which serves about 500 million requests (API requests and page views). He presented the tools and tricks that allowed the site to multiply its throughput by 5. Highly recommended for python developers who want to do a reality check.

Anonymous at 19:35 on 14 Mar 2011

It was absolutely awesome. It was the best talk!

Awsome: best talk I've seen @ 2011

This was by far my most beneficial talk. Very interesting information about MVC and the history behind it. Amazing new concepts, the patterns introduced in this talk are definitely worth looking into.

I applied updates to our production framework on the same night I attended the talk. This is exactly what i expected from Mr.Stefan Priebsch.

I was lucky to attend his presentations during ConFoo 2010 and 2009, never been disappointed. I’m looking forward to attend his talk next year too.