Talk comments

A bit lengthy introduction, but a good reminder to the degree of difficulty involved in mobile testing, because of the huge device and browser landscape.

The talk gave a good overview of available methods for device testing, and presented a handy step by step list on how to adapt testing in your organisation.

I expected a bit more in-depth examples and demonstrations of tools and possible debugging aids. Also, the author seems too ideologic in his thinking to include all sorts of feature phones in testing (sadly, a big part of the device lab pictures mostly contains this type of phone). I think you should consider a more pragmatic approach, setting the baseline a bit higher (starting with low-end smartphones). Did you recently meet anyone who uses the internet on a feature phone?

Showed work of students. Quite boring presentation...keep us awake please!

"The cases are illustrated with example implementations of the ToDoMVC application" in the description of the talk, was that even mentioned? The only slide he had about the choice of the right framework was a sheet with some titles of articles.

You can choose between jQuery Mobile , Sencha touch...that's all?
jQuery mobile speed: acceptable, Sencha touch speeds: good. Ok so my decision is based on only that?

Anonymous at 09:49 on 13 Jun 2013

The most enthusiastic speaker in DPC13 and DMC13, which made me more enthusiastic about the subject. Very fun and interesting talk, with very good examples to get started.

Definitely going to use Three.js to build red cubes now.

Anonymous at 09:46 on 13 Jun 2013

Most slides were from a OWASP top 10 presentation, with too much text. He did give a lot of examples to help understand the top 10 a little better.

Anonymous at 09:10 on 13 Jun 2013

Very nice talk about AngularJS. It got me interested to try it out. I think the talk would have been better if there was some more deep dive into Angular. I think the Phonegap part of the talk could have been sacrificed for that.

Anonymous at 09:03 on 13 Jun 2013

It was nice we could play around with some of the students mobile solutions. However, I was expecting a bit more research for this talk from the presenter. I can't imagine jQuery Mobile and Sencha touch to be the only frameworks around.

Anonymous at 08:57 on 13 Jun 2013

Very nice talk about Three.js. It gave me a lot of inspiration to write 3d web apps.

Anonymous at 10:02 on 12 Jun 2013

Cool talk. It caught my interest to write Firefox OS apps.

Anonymous at 10:01 on 12 Jun 2013

It was nice to hear about Open Device Labs. I didn't hear about it yet. But in the end it came to the conclusion I already drew myself: test your apps on real devices.

Anonymous at 09:56 on 12 Jun 2013

Nice talk about the different options to offline your web app. It gave some great insight into today's available solutions.

Not sure about the Star Wars theming.