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Mike Lehan at 13:05 on 21 Jun 2021

Thanks for the feedback everyone. For clarity to anyone reading, we got cut off part way through the stream so the last part of the talk had to be compressed. Fortunately we do have a full recording so the slightly longer version will be available from DPC at some point in the future!

Just to address the comment about Amazon, I did present at least one none-Amazon solution for each type (and for a few types I didn't include any Amazon services). It's a balance of knowledge versus experience - I can present a wide range of choices for you, but if I want to give more detail I need to stick with my own experience which is more weighted towards Amazon services. As I said at the start of the talk though, please do message me if you want to know what an appropriate parallel is for a given database type in your cloud of choice - I'd love to help out.

Thanks again for watching, and do keep an eye on the DPC YouTube channel for the full video (including the bits that the live stream cut out unhelpfully) at some point soon.

Good explanation, nice to see examples with live code.

Good examples to support the explanation of this pattern.

Great talk, too bad the solutions stayed very close to the Amazon cluster. Other examples of solutions would provide a broader view of what is on the market.

I'm still confused about the added value of Magic. I had hoped that we would go more in-depth and talk about the whole concept of decentralized tokens. It now felt more like a cheap sales pitch and hands-on implementing their solution.

Good presentation, with clear code examples.

Very interesting talk! a method of capturing it in this way that we will definitely give a chance. Architecture decisions were already noted in meeting minutes, but in this way it can be kept together clearly. And most importantly, why this decision was made.

Enthusiastic opening, sometimes a bit difficult to understand due to stuttering on the microphone.

on Opening

Koldo Picaza at 12:36 on 19 Jun 2021

Thanks, very interesting talk, an excellent introduction to state machines