Talk comments

Alessandro at 12:11 on 16 May 2022

Inspiring, thanks very much

Alessandro at 18:12 on 13 May 2022

Great talk! Thanks

Alessandro at 15:46 on 13 May 2022

Great talk. Thanks 🙏🏻

Amazing talk and precious insights on CJS and ESM import mechanism works, with real clarification about interoperability/duality between the two

Lots of new super-packed information here, I'll need another round to wrap my head around this, but this talk is gold!

Great talk from an incredible, super-energetic speaker!

Struggled with AST (+ Typescript :S ) recently, I recognized the difficulty of the topic. Michele got us covered, and gave precious advice about the matter. I looked forward to this talk, and I was not disappointed. I really hope to get some more insights about this topic and AST in general in the future
Great talk!