Talk comments

Carl Vuorinen at 17:45 on 21 Apr 2023

Interesting talk about the journey through refactoring babel. Nice to get some insight into the kind of issues you face as a maintainer of such a widely used open source library.

Carl Vuorinen at 17:43 on 21 Apr 2023

Very good and entertaining talk with lots of useful tips and tricks. 👍

Carl Vuorinen at 17:41 on 21 Apr 2023

Very nice intro to Astro. Good talk by someone who is clearly enthusiastic so it was entertaining and engaging.
And your accent doesn't matter, everyone understood what you were saying, so don't worry about it 👍

Carl Vuorinen at 17:38 on 21 Apr 2023

This one was very interesting, well presented talk and got me thinking about potential use cases for the product... Hope I just find the time to implement some of them 😅

Carl Vuorinen at 17:35 on 21 Apr 2023

Simply an amazing talk.
✅ Great slides
✅ Interesting content
✅ Well presented with good balance of background info, technical content and humor
✅ Engaging, moving and thought provoking


Carl Vuorinen at 17:31 on 21 Apr 2023

I feel like some previous knowledge of web3 was expected to understand everything, but it was interesting none the less. Also kinda missed what would be some real world use cases for something like this (other than selling NFTs).

Carl Vuorinen at 17:27 on 21 Apr 2023

Great talk, very well presented with lots of useful insights.

Carl Vuorinen at 17:25 on 21 Apr 2023

Great talk and interesting topic. Presented well and really engaged the audience. Didn't know about sonar lint, but installed it right away. And cognitive complexity really seems like a good metric.
5stars 😉

Carl Vuorinen at 17:21 on 21 Apr 2023

Nicely presented. Would have hoped a bit more about the actual chatGPT integration, different use cases or something (to answer the question why would I want it in sms or whatsapp (as I don't live in Italy and don't need a workaround)).

Carl Vuorinen at 17:17 on 21 Apr 2023

The analogy about language sentence structure was nice, and the technical content was ok. Just hoped there would have been a bit more new things. Didn't really learn much as I already knew about the language features covered in this talk.