Talk comments

I really appreciated taking a look in a complex infrastructure. What's nice about it is that every developer takes a slightly different approach towards it. So you always learn from looking at other people's code. You are clearly a talented developer. As for as presenting goes I must admit I didn't think it went that well. You raced through the slides and were basically so verbose that you became very hard to follow. You have quite a heavy accent so you would need to pay extra attention to structure and speed.

Jeffrey did a supurb job of explaining complicated matter in a very concrete and accessible manner. Hat tip to the master!

Anonymous at 19:49 on 6 Sep 2013

Very bad choice of topic.. Extremely poor choice...

Really enjoyed the presentation and it gave great examples when and how you could test your code.

As someone mentioned previously (and oh how ironic it was), test your presentation as well ;)

I liked the "Take a look at the others..." it was inspiring and we way too often dig ourselves into our bubbles of OUR techs and should look all over. Inspiring but still had some way to go in the presenting to make it that inspiring top-notch talk.

For a new speaker tho; I think it was very well done!

I liked what the talk tried to cover, but I was easily lost. There was definitely some interesting information in there - But it was just so much in one talk. Maybe next time "kill your own darlings" and focus on part of the project.

I also had a feeling that the speaker was talking too quickly and at times, it was hard to understand what he was saying. When someone has an accent they really need to speak a bit slower so that it's easy to understand.

A great talk for someone like me who never even used Laravel before, sounded interesting and something I will get my hands dirty in trying. Well done! :)

Grat talk, I'll definitely develop packages in a good way now!! Engaging and great speaker, felt natural on stage :)

Great well delivered talk. Not much more to say than that. The speaker was engaging and natural on stage and delivered a talk with content that was just as I would have expected! :)