Talk comments

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Josh Justice, thanks for your feedback. It tells me that I need work harder to explain how these concepts are used in regexes, parsers, compilers... and how undecidability affects the programs that we write every day.

This was great. We've customized our Laravel project template as well, so it's great to hear that we're not crazy for having done so ;-)

Interesting presentation, but I had trouble following some of the "why." What does an architecture like this give me? It could just be that it was there and I missed it, though.

Love it. We all have to work with JS, but it's so different from every other language that we could definitely stand to learn more about it.

I think we can all stand to up our game when it comes to our professionalism as software engineers. Love the topic, and Cal made great points. Will definitely refer back to it as I work on developing my team.

Love the honesty. This is a hard field to work in and we need to support one another.

I may have missed it, but I didn't catch anything in the talk about how these concepts apply to real day-to-day development.

This talk exposes some of the ideas about how calculations are done in a context in which many people are likely not aware.

This sort of knowledge is important because it helps to give one perspective.

Did I walk away with any directly implementable tactics for my applications? No.

But, I did walk away with a renewed passion for systems and I find that my mental aesthetic has been augmented with an improved willingness to brave the wild world of engineering.

Inspiration to grow as an individual is very important. Thanks, Igor.