Talk comments

Not being deep into Node, I didn't have a good understanding of the JS event loop before going into this talk. The demo slides that illustrated how items are added/removed from the stack were extremely useful, and I came out of the talk with a much clearer understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes.

Great talk, full of nice, simple examples that illustrate the value of regression testing via unit, functional, and acceptance testing.

I'm really upset this was the first time I heard Keith talk. Seriously, he's fantastic, and this talk will make you want to both start analyzing social media patterns and drop off the grid.

The talk was full of great insight, but at times it felt like Emily was wandering into giving introductory talks about a half-dozen different technologies. Rather than get into code examples for the specific libraries (many of which may not apply), a higher level "we were able to leverage this library, rather than reinvent the wheel" or "this service provided what we needed, so we were able to take advantage of that" may have helped keep everything on track.

That being said, I loved the narrative structure of the talk, which helped frame the *why* of the bootstrapping. It was a bittersweet ending, though, but I suppose that's the nature of software (not spoiling it for future audiences of the talk).

One of those talks where you call out "This, so much this!". The examples could have been simplified (nearly impossible to read from the back of the room), but Jessica's experience with code review (a topic I love to talk about) really shone through.

The talk was de-railed a bit by some hardware shipments not arriving in time, but Joel rolled with the punches. This was a great look at some of the basic concepts of hardware hacking, and I appreciated that the demo built (ha!) to a final product: a night light.

I don't know that there was a single member of the audience who didn't add "machine learning" (perhaps for the second or third time) to their list of "cool stuff I want to try". Great introduction to a huge industry.

I went into this talk knowing nothing about Elm other than it was a language that compiled down to JavaScript. "Oh, CoffeeScript 2.0, eh?" I joked, before walking in. By the end, I wanted to pick up the copy of "Functional Programming in JavaScript" that's been hanging out on my desk for the last few months and really dig in. Great, fast-paced look at how to build s amall, functional app in Elm.

Eric Poe at 09:53 on 26 Apr 2017

Like Matt, I am a relative neophyte to JS. I've been almost exclusively using Sencha ExtJS framework for the past 3 years; as such, I never talk about the DOM, use prototype, Windows.whatever, or any of the other typical JS language concerns & uses. I have been using Chrome Dev Tools to help me troubleshoot what I do in ExtJS against my API and felt like I was relatively expert in its usage. After watching you wiz through the Dev Tools and build JS directly in it, I know now that I have so much more to learn. You have provided inspiration to me as I learn jQuery, Vue, & React!

Eric Poe at 20:53 on 25 Apr 2017

Great intro to reactive programming.

I struggled getting my environment set up and in getting to "step 2," and I couldn't find those instructions, which I know are easily remedied. I know that this workshop can only improve.

Well done!