Talk comments

Anonymous at 03:48 on 13 Sep 2012

great talk!

Anonymous at 13:45 on 9 Jul 2012

The talk probably would have been better had it involved some of the stuff in the title - such as UI or pixels, or had it been more appropriately named something like 'Useless tricks that involve a re-branded asterisk platform and little actual php'.

Chris gave a great presentation and I came away with a lot of things to consider or to try to apply to my working environment. Grumpy persona aside, he had good examples and stories. He's certainly passionate about and engaging with whatever topic he presents.

I was a bit familiar with MongoDB beforehand, but Derick's talk really clarified things and was a great introduction. He has good delivery, as well.

Elizabeth is a great presenter and this talk had lots of great advice and details. I'll refer to her slides often. She's a strong proponent (and practitioner) of "giving back" to the PHP community, so hopefully a lot more people will have a chance to see this talk.

One of the top few talks at the conference! Paul is always informative and has a great stage presence, as others mentioned. He had good examples and explanations, and his "incremental" approach gave me a lot to consider.

Joël was very comfortable and smooth with his presentation. There's a lot to cover in a given time slot, but I think this talk could be improved with a bit less time on definitions and concepts and the addition of a few examples or use cases - that was briefly covered in the Q&A.

This talk was #1 on my list to see, as I'm getting into GIS and mapping myself, and as usual, Derick was terrific. It was just the right technical level, with great examples and his list of resources (on his slide page) is extensive. I can't wait to get more into OSM.

Technically good and informative, but I agree with others that at times, the title slides vs. content slides were a bit confusing. Also, for code samples, colored text on black was tough to read.

Like others have said, Cal is always motivational and inspirational. He should open *every* conference with this talk.