A 3-day conference to help PHP developers level up their craft and connect with the larger PHP community, in Austin, TX.


Practical Object-Oriented Design Principles
Workshop by Brandon Savage
Relational Database Design Bootcamp
Workshop by Mark Niebergall
Pragmatic TDD
Workshop by Luka Mužinić
Build a GraphQL API with PHP
Workshop by Andrew Rota
Going Bare - Writing The Web Without A Framework
Talk by Sammy Kaye Powers
Become an Accessibility BFF with your new friend Pa11y!
Talk by Jennifer Wadella
Frontend Performance and You: A Beginner's Guide
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Getting Started with GraphQL && PHP
Talk by Andrew Rota
Going to Infinity and Beyond Documentation with OpenAPI Specification
Talk by Taylor Barnett
Hacking with PHP
Talk by Mark Niebergall
Beer, bylines and booleans: Why tech needs more folks from the service industry and liberal arts
Keynote by Hilary Stohs-Krause
Performance optimi$ation: how do I go about it?
Talk by Kat Zien
Diving Into Guzzle: Getting the Most from Your Requests
Talk by Steven Wade
Procrastination as a Service: Caching & Queueing
Talk by Lawrence Shea
Divide and Conquer - Your Business Code and your Framework
Talk by Andreas Hucks
Performance tuning your progressive web app (PWA)
Talk by Josh Holmes
Lua as a second language
Talk by Luka Mužinić
React at Scale
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Lately in PHP
Talk by Eric Poe
Taming Change
Keynote by Chris Holland
Make Your Server a Fortress - A developer's guide to server security
Talk by Roger Creasy
Testing Like You've Never Tested Before (Because You Haven't)
Talk by Steve Grunwell
Get GOing with a new language
Talk by Kat Zien
Alexa, Ask Me About PHP!
Talk by Omni Adams