A 3-day conference to help PHP developers level up their craft and connect with the larger PHP community, in Austin, TX.


Practical Object-Oriented Design Principles
Workshop by Brandon Savage
Build a GraphQL API with PHP
Workshop by Andrew Rota
Pragmatic TDD
Workshop by Luka Mužinić
Relational Database Design Bootcamp
Workshop by Mark Niebergall
Become an Accessibility BFF with your new friend Pa11y!
Talk by Jennifer Wadella
Going Bare - Writing The Web Without A Framework
Talk by Sammy Kaye Powers
Frontend Performance and You: A Beginner's Guide
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Going to Infinity and Beyond Documentation with OpenAPI Specification
Talk by Taylor Barnett
Hacking with PHP
Talk by Mark Niebergall
Getting Started with GraphQL && PHP
Talk by Andrew Rota
Beer, bylines and booleans: Why tech needs more folks from the service industry and liberal arts
Keynote by Hilary Stohs-Krause
Performance optimi$ation: how do I go about it?
Talk by Kat Zien
Diving Into Guzzle: Getting the Most from Your Requests
Talk by Steven Wade
Procrastination as a Service: Caching & Queueing
Talk by Lawrence Shea
Divide and Conquer - Your Business Code and your Framework
Talk by Andreas Hucks
Performance tuning your progressive web app (PWA)
Talk by Josh Holmes
Lua as a second language
Talk by Luka Mužinić
Lately in PHP
Talk by Eric Poe
React at Scale
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Taming Change
Keynote by Chris Holland
Make Your Server a Fortress - A developer's guide to server security
Talk by Roger Creasy
Testing Like You've Never Tested Before (Because You Haven't)
Talk by Steve Grunwell
Get GOing with a new language
Talk by Kat Zien
Alexa, Ask Me About PHP!
Talk by Omni Adams