The largest regional tech conference devoted to all things OPEN: Hardware, Standards, Source and Data. OpenWest works closely with many of the local user groups to plan, develop and operate the conference.


Metrics: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls.
Talk by Tim Anderton
RetroPi - building the best gaming console you'll ever own
Talk by Todd Millecam
SVG + JS + UX => Functional Animation
Talk by Duke
Starting Out With PHP
Talk by Mark Niebergall
Building Your Continous Delivery Pipeline from the Ground Up
Talk by Nick Humrich
When Many Eyes Fail: Open Source Security and The Fall of The DAO
Talk by Tanner Gary Lund
An Employee’s Guide to Why Your Company Needs to Support Remote Workers
Talk by Chris Reynolds
The UX and UI of Voice Applications
Talk by Bryan Sebesta
Defensive Coding Crash Course
Talk by Mark Niebergall
The Foundation of Rapid Release Cycles
Talk by Devon Moss
An Introduction to BRL-CAD
Talk by Alpheus Madsen
Blockchain 201
Talk by Jonathan Dolan
Chatbots - How to build your first chatbot in under an hour
Talk by Bob Davis
User-defined functions - MySQL secret weapon
Talk by Sasha Pachev
Design Thinking for Developers
Talk by Matt Banz
Build your own smart home with Home Assistant
Talk by Corey Edwards
Level up your Perl
Talk by Charles McGarvey
PHP Extension development - dark magic in C
Talk by Travis Stockwell
Introduction to Sysdig Falco
Talk by Garrett Hyde
Being a Better Ally
Talk by Chris Reynolds
Sharing Verified Private Data Securely with a New Open Protocol
Talk by Michael Graybeal
Audio Representation for Machine Learning
Talk by Tim Anderton
Distributing Diversity: Automattic's Plan for Diversity and Inclusion
Talk by Mike Straw
Goroutines, Channels, & Synchronization
Talk by Travis Stockwell
Hacking with Python
Talk by Garrett Hyde
From parsing to interpretation: let's build a language
Talk by Marcos Minond
Building a website in django
Workshop by Todd Millecam