Talk comments

Anonymous at 21:48 on 24 Mar 2015

Hey, thx for slides.
You have a typo on 53rd slide *compoesr*

Great overview of the things we should all be doing but don't because we're always in a hurry :)

The grunt use was interesting and i liked the journey to the concept of rapid prototyping as a practice to attain more competence for estimations. I would have expected something else under the title of the talk, but given that you had half your bang taken away by Dustin, you showed great improvisation skills.
The live demo was spending too much time on shuffling code around and i would have like more ideas on how to do rapid prototyping.
Also not a fan of the lecture style of presentation, though it did a great job in keeping people engaged.

Awesome. One of my favourite topics - hitting the top on the relevance scale. Full of inspiring insights and pointers, very competent Q&A. No-fuzz, high-speed, super-engaging presentation.

Very informative with good balance of broadness and detail.

Good talk on an interesting and relevant topic. Was lacking some clarity in some areas.

Only saw half the talk, but what i saw was full of interesting and solid facts and i overheard people talking about MariaDB for the rest of the day.

Great analysis of generated opcode. You made a great argument against focussing too much on micro-optimisations. However, i felt the point could have been made in two or three sentences and it would have been more beneficial to go more into the remaining parts of the process to get a complete picture.

This was a great talk. Competent, to the point, engaging and packed with useful information. And a great topic with lots of relevance for developers in contemporary PHP projects.