Talk comments

Finding a space to eat wasn't too bad considering; everyone sitting around and on the floor made it feel more communal, especially with the 'packed lunch' feel. The lunch boxes were awesome, a great idea.

Great start to the day... registration was a breeze. Can't argue with a bacon butty.

Great venue, great tab. Music was a little too loud for conversation (didn't stop me, I was a bit hoarse the day after), but a great event. Just a shame I had to leave.

Brilliantly entertaining talk. I'm very grateful to have seen it in person as it was a fantastic presentation.

Great overview of the Symfony CMF project, I left the talk feeling genuinely excited to try it out. It was very well presented and covered a lot of details.

Also: Kudos for the live demo!

Provided a nice, measured approach to the whole topic of progressive rewriting. I particularly liked the 'catch-all' as it wasn't something I had considered before.

It was a great introduction to the topic, setting the groundwork with enough left over for me to go away to figure out the details.

Very cool talk, very well done. I left with some valuable new techniques to something that usually falls by the wayside in the everyday.

Very well presented, I left with lots of good notes and plenty to work into my projects/platform.

An interesting topic and a good talk, but I was rather confused by the shift in my expectations prior to the presentation.

I left with plenty to think about, a little to decode and some interesting lines of inquiry.

Brilliant start to the day. The progressive style was entertaining and thought-provoking. Plenty to take away and build upon in the day-to-day.