Talk comments

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. The reason I did not include more GCP definitions and overview is that I worry that type of content can be construed as "salesy."

I'll try and do a better job of balancing basic working definitions vs being too salesy in the future.

Excellent discussion on how to use Slim (3) for creating easy to write, lightweight API's. Made the point that API's need not be complex; in fact with FastRoute powering the routing system behind Slim, you can really make a high-speed, clean URI API for use in almost any project with very little work.

Rob is obviously very knowledgeable about Slim, combined with his easy approach to teaching his subject this made for a very worthwhile and enjoyable sessions.

Excellent as always, clear, concise, and the content was spot on

Funny and inspiring, it was very easy to relate to the speaker and she came across as very genuine. Also, she was very well paced and had quite a few comical moments in the talk. great speaker!

Really enjoyed this talk, been using Docker for quite a while now and its really nice to solidify my knowledge, could tell the speaker knew the topic well.

Great talk as expected, really enjoy dipping into frameworks I haven't used a great deal and discovering new benefits.

really good talk, branch rot is something I have been guilty of recently and topics in this talk have made me tweak some of my practices.

The talk was good, however it felt a little bit all over the place. Wasn't 100% sure what the take-away message was but the trip down memory lane was fun.

Nicole at 23:58 on 5 Oct 2016

An excellent tutorial, I learned a lot in a short space of time.

I would give a bonus point if I could for the takeaway material - having both the exercises and solutions to compare against is very useful.

Nicole at 23:43 on 5 Oct 2016

A good introduction to an interesting technique that I can definitely see myself using in future.

I would have maybe liked a bit more facilitation - more of a guiding hand - during the session. A handout summarising the different note types would have been useful for during the latter stages of the session especially, as well as serving as a handy reminder for afterwards.

Leaving a bit more time at the end to compare what the two groups had produced would have been interesting. A bit more information on what comes next in the process would have been good too.