PHP London are pleased to announce their 4th annual UK PHP conference, building on the success of previous events and accommodating the continual growth of the PHP community and PHP development industry.

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Friday, 27th February 2009


Flex and AIR for PHP programmers

Mihai Corlan

Of Lambda Functions, Closures and Traits

Sebastian Bergmann

PHP on Windows - the undiscovered country

Hank Janssen

Security-Centered Design: Exploring the Impact of Human Behavior

Chris Shiflett

What's new in PHP 5.3

Scott MacVicar

Living with Frameworks

Stuart Herbert

Myphp-busters: symfony framework

Stefan Koopmanschap

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades (keynote)

Aral Balkan

Clouds on the horizon? Get ready for Drizzle

David Axmark

Sharding Architectures

David Soria Parra

State Machines to State Of The Art: Smart, efficient design using ReST & MVC

Rowan Merewood