Talk comments

Anonymous at 17:48 on 12 Apr 2015

Your voice is amazing!

Jenny surely is passionate about the community, but the tone and the content were in my opinion not suiting the keynote. The first part, the history of Jenny's life, was unneeded, and some of the presented situations (like apparent hate of PHP community towards Wordpress community) IMO were misguided.

I saw Jenny give this talk at my local user group and her passion and spirit for bringing communities together is fantastic to see. Her talk is important and it is a difficult one to give without sounding like you are telling people off or preaching, but I think the energy she puts in really helps with this and she is brave for saying what has been needed to be said.

I think she could improve the talk by providing more a few examples of ways we can help achieve her goals, though that is easier said than done. Hopefully she will inspire a variety of talks with solutions to these issues.

This was a very impassioned, moving, talk. I couldn't help but be dragged along by Davey's passion, honesty and enthusiasm for others. Whilst I disagree that everything can be solved by technology, I do agree that technology, when applied properly, can be of benefit to so many people. What's amazing is that whilst we can do so much, it often doesn't take a lot to have a genuine impact. Thanks Davey, for sharing your insights, and conviction. An excellent way to close the conference.

Great, fun talk. Really found it interesting that so many points are still on the list. Gary's casual, relaxed style made the content very relatable and the time very enjoyable. A good talk.

Really enjoyed the talk. I found that whilst other talks were "heavier", this one hit me where it counts. It gave the best argument for the need to ever being a better developer, for raising the proverbial bar, for encouraging excellence. That it was complimented by so many great resources made it perfect.

Really enjoyed this talk. PostgreSQL is a tool that I've always dabbled with, but wanted to do more of. So this was a highlight for me. I especially enjoyed learning about how PostgreSQL stores both XML and JSON and how it can be queried. The new operators were a bit strange, but then, at first, what ever isn't. The talk was well put together, well balanced, and well delivered.

I really enjoyed the keynote. With passion, conviction, and much, much, enthusiasm, Jenny communicated why it's essential to not stay just in your own community, but to be a part of so many others, to be inclusive, to be ever considerate, no matter where you are, what you know, or what you do. Well done!