Talk comments

@Gragio, thanks for the feedback, I'm sorry the talk didn't meet your expectations. In my opinion the talk followed the description in the abstract: reporting some practical choices we made while refactoring a real application. So, no big surprises from this point of view. And you're right, there were no theoretical concept, I wasn't the point of the talk itself

Gragio at 17:00 on 19 Jun 2018

I did not expect a tutorial. Very poor in theoretical concepts.

Interesting workshop which brought me closer to the thing. Unfortunately there were some technical issue which forced Antonio to speed up to finish within time schedule. Thank you anyway!

Interesting tricks to optimize translation process. I really enjoied it. Thank you

Very interesting despite the speed-of-light speech. I just hoped more in depth torrent wide talk rather than almost completely on websockets. Anyway, thank you!

It was impressive who this quite complex subject was explained and tested in such an easy way. Thank you very much!

Interesting and entertaining

Very logical talk. Something was obvious, other things were kinda tricky instead.

Very interesting practices. now I'll deep look into it