Talk comments

Steven Wade at 16:00 on 9 Jun 2017

Loved this presentation! As both a consumer of and occasional creator of APIs, I can relate to the headaches outlined in this talk. I must also admit that I've committed some of these infractions as well. This presentation will help me create better APIs in the future, and it also helped me not feel alone in my frustrations. Thanks!

Steven Wade at 15:57 on 9 Jun 2017

This talk inspired me! I want to learn C, I want to extend PHP, now I just need a good idea and the knowledge. But this presentation makes it feel within your grasp. Thanks!

Steven Wade at 15:55 on 9 Jun 2017

Great info in here. As a backend programmer for a SaaS company, I've experienced building and consuming many of these concepts. This talk drove one point home to me that I hadn't thought of before - accept and move on. Such a simple concept, but being able to just accept a webhook, queue it, process later, and immediately release the connection is a real performance gain. Thanks for the info!

Steven Wade at 15:50 on 9 Jun 2017

Great presentation! Very exciting to see the next version of MySQL. It was great to be reminded of features that I had forgotten about and to discover new ones.

Steven Wade at 15:49 on 9 Jun 2017

This was an excellent talk. I'm not a C programmer so some things went over my head, but for the most part, I was able to follow it and it was really enjoyable to learn how the internals of PHP work. Thanks for the presentation!

Joshua Smith at 13:24 on 8 Jun 2017

This was a great talk. For me, this was good confirmation that I was doing things right, but I did learn a few new things as well. The presentation was clear and the speaker did a good job of engaging the audience as well as answering questions.

Joshua Smith at 13:22 on 8 Jun 2017

I've been using relation databases for years and I'm very familiar with approaches to scaling them, so it was very interesting to see how MongoDB needs to be scaled, along with some of the gotchas of each approach.

Even for someone with limited knowledge of MongoDB (I knew almost nothing of MongoDB before attending this talk), Derick did a great job of making this accessible and interesting.

Joshua Smith at 13:14 on 8 Jun 2017

The topic is interesting to me and gave some insight into how much application architectures and developer communities can vary.

The idea of showing the code was good, but it was generally way too small, and at times it was washed out and impossible to read. I think the underlying goal was to track a simple page request was passed through each application's architecture. Sometimes we were bouncing around between files too much for me to be able to follow. Perhaps making a flow chart diagram showing how execution passes between parts of the application would help those of us who are unfamiliar with these projects.

Joshua Smith at 12:31 on 8 Jun 2017

This was a great talk and gave me some insight to how PHP works under the hood. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend at least a minimal exposure to assembly language, or something similar.

Sandy Smith at 16:10 on 6 Jun 2017

Nice rounding out of the conference.