Talk comments

Sandy Hull at 12:42 on 24 May 2019

A great discussion on how to give and get the most out of code reviews.

Sandy Hull at 12:40 on 24 May 2019

Good refresher on visibility.

Sandy Hull at 12:39 on 24 May 2019

Good starting point for people who are new to OOP

David Sutphin at 21:17 on 23 May 2019

Good insight into how permissions are handled on Android and iOS. As well as good info on why asking for too many permissions is bad.

David Sutphin at 21:11 on 23 May 2019

Good info on at-rest encryption and application-level encryption.

David Sutphin at 21:04 on 23 May 2019

Tons of good info on passwords.

David Sutphin at 21:00 on 23 May 2019

Great info on biometrics. Brought up points I hadn't thought about such as if your fingerprint gets stolen you can't reset it.

Good talk, but a little confusing at times. We spent a lot of time on idempotent and safe, which could have been shorter... and a couple aspects on the giant whiteboard seemed a little contradictory until we got there (path is the object, the request is the action, then vice versa; an "OR" on the whiteboard would have helped). But all in all, good, definitely useful and important.

A good introduction, but I still walked away with a lot of questions (even though I asked some during the presentation). Some core aspects weren't clear - is this purely for APIs that you built? Can you connect 3rd party APIs? If connecting 3rd party, is the data limited, and if so, how much? For people who have never used one and are considering exploring them, a better understanding of the flexibility and power would have been helpful.

I agree that the title (not Lorna's fault) could be better, but I love that this actually had some interactivity. Thanks to this talk I was introduced to Postman and have already begun to see a huge time-saving benefit. Looking forward to trying Ngrok and some of the others mentioned as well.