With over 30 talks and 5 tutorials, php|works is a great opportunity to learn from the best experts in PHP world and to meet and network with fellow PHP enthusiasts from every walk of life.

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Tuesday, 11th November 2008


Caching for Cash (PM)

Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson, Scott MacVicar

Wednesday, 12th November 2008


Hack This App

Damien Seguy

Caching for Cash (AM)

Scott MacVicar

Everything You Need to be Your Own DBA (AM)

Morgan Tocker

Building Web Applications with TurboGears

Mark Ramm

Django for PHP Developers

Travis Cline

Testing the PHP Way: PHPT

Travis Swicegood

Everything You Need to be Your Own DBA (PM)

Morgan Tocker

Building Web Applications with Grok

Brandon Craig Rhodes

Writing AJAX Applications on Google App Engine and Google API's

Noah Gift


Rich UIs and Easy Ajax with Dojo and Zend Framework

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Thursday, 13th November 2008


Of Lambda Functions, Closures and Traits

Sebastian Bergmann

Realizing the Full Potential of Your Rich Internet Applications

Mike Potter

Image Optimization for the Web

Stoyan Stefanov

An Introduction to web2py

Massimo Diperro

Decorators are Fun!

Matthew Wilson


Scott MacVicar

Get Soaked: Streams, an In-Depth Look

Davey Shafik

Performance Tuning MySQL

Morgan Tocker

Understanding WSGI

Mark Ramm

Getting Started with Concurrency with MultiProcessing and Threads

Jesse Noller

Make 'Em Talk!

Joe Stagner

Building Desktop RIAs with PHP, HTML and Javascript in AIR

Ed Finkler

The Future is Not Yet Widely Distributed (intro to Git)

Travis Swicegood

URL Mapping with Routes

Mike Naberezny

Rapid Testing with Minimal Effort Using py.test

Holger Krekel

Map, Filter, Reduce - In the Small and in the Cloud

Sebastian Bergmann

Security-Centered Design: Don't Just Plan for Security; Design For It

Chris Shiflett

Rich Client Web Applications with TurboGears 2 and Dojo

Kevin Dangoor

GUI applications with XULRunner, PyXPCOM and PyDOM

Shane Caraveo

PHP Code Auditing

Damien Seguy

Simple Scaling Every Developer Should Know

Sara Golemon

Front-End Optimization Using Y!Slow

gerard sychay

Designing an Adaptable, Multi-Environment Application Server in Python

Noah Fontes

Using Python As A Systems Administration Platform

Noah Gift

The CodeIgniter Framework

Ed Finkler

You Look Like You Could Use Some REST! REST and the Resource-Oriented Architecture Explained

Ben Ramsey

IronPython: Python on .NET and in your Browser

Michael Foord

Microcontroller Simulation with Python

Mike Naberezny

Friday, 14th November 2008


Building Rich Internet Applications with MS AJAX Library and Microsoft Silverlight on PHP

Glen Gordon

End-to-end Testing with Selenium

Stefan Priebsch

2009 Web Tech Accessibility

Eric David Benari

Python Interpreters Reloaded

Holger Krekel

Metaprogramming Lesions

Mark Ramm

Multilingual Content Management

Louis Philippe Huberdeau

PEAR2 & Pyrus, the Look Ahead

Helgi Dorbjornsson

Mobilizing the Web

Keith Casey

ZODB: The Most Underappreciated Library in Python

Kevin Dangoor

Exploring Artificial Intelligence with Python

Jacob Taylor


Derick Rethans

Enterprise PHP

Ivo Jansch

Extending Existing Web Services with SMS and XMPP

Sam Keen

Why Use Grok?

Brandon Craig Rhodes

Using Python with LDAP

Jon Miller

Managing the Software Life Cycle of PHP Applications

Stefan Priebsch

Ajax Patterns

Christian Wenz

Agile Development with SQLAlchemy and Python Testing Tools

Chris Perkins

Easy build and deployment automation with Paver

Kevin Dangoor

Test Drive Your Development Process

Derick Rethans

PHP 5.3: Hot or Not?

Sara Golemon

Sphinx: Search for Everyone Else

Robert Swarthout

Desktop Applications with Python and Dabo

Ed Leafe

Elixir: Object-Relational Mapping Made Easy

Jonathon Lacour