Talk comments

Elissa Thomas at 10:18 on 23 Sep 2016

So helpful!! Thank you Lorna, I really needed to get more acquainted with git.

Anonymous at 18:52 on 20 Sep 2016

One of the standout talks. Sammy had great personality and delivery, and I feel motivated to become a PHP contributor.

Anonymous at 18:48 on 20 Sep 2016

Great talk. I particularly liked hearing about the speaker's experiences as a manager.

I enjoyed this talk because it not only addressed the technical challenges of replacing legacy applications but also address how to deal with people. From the managers watching the project to the end users, clients always are the first priority and I think that talk helped with that cause.

This talk was both entertaining and encouraging. Sammy not only shared how he got where he is in the PHP community from a technical perspective but also a human one. Learning something new almost always involves some confusion and anxiety and it was nice to hear how he worked through that. Thanks for the talk

This was a fascinating talk and challenged my perception of what a database can and should be. There are so many examples I have encountered where a graph database would have been the perfect solution. The examples were simple enough for anyone with basic sql experience to grasp but complex enough to highlight the features of graph dbs. I would be interested in hearing more. Good Talk

This talk was far beyond my experience level and as such I did not get as much out of it as I could have. However the concept of unit testing was well stated and a relevant topic. Thanks for talking

I enjoyed Lorna's "Git for Developers" workshop! I'm a beginner to git vsc.

The lesson was a little faster pace than I was ready for which is a good thing because I've learned some new concepts. Some of the terminology was more advanced for my level, and I had the feeling that I definitely should have prepared more.

The short term goals that I've gained from this workshop are to reinforce some of the things I've learned and focus more on git workflows, commands, terminology, and working with git within a team environment.

Lorna was full of energy, positive, confident, well prepared, and very helpful when I had issues. I'm just disappointed that I wasn't able to spend more time learning with her! I would recommend and look forward attending any workshop that she gives in the future.

One of the most important qualities of a good developer is there ability to keep motivated. When we succeed at what we are doing, we love what we are doing more and it helps us stay motivated, focused, and achieve our goals. We have to start at the beginning and sometimes it takes us longer to gain the knowledge to move forward with a project. Thank you Adam for this talk! Now I have the urge to run 80 miles!

Adam presented a very motivational talk and connected with the audience through personal stories and examples. I am just beginning in the full time development community and the talk encouraged me especially considering I am just at the "crawling" phase. Thanks Adam, I hope to hear you talk again!