Talk comments

Anonymous at 15:55 on 9 May 2013

Is there a video of this?
I would really like to see it.


(My rating comes from the slides, which i found very usefull)

The link works for me. Anyone else having issues?

Anonymous at 13:44 on 13 Feb 2013

Matthew, the link to presentation is not working.

Great topic, great material, probably better as a tutorial, just too much information and technology for a 45 min talk or presentation.

Good presentation and would recommend topic as a tutorial for developers.

Good talk, excellent technical material, could get a bit more excited when you improve the performance nearly 10X with small tweaks, that is great information about performance tuning!

I would recommend to others.

Great talk, well structured and on target for a keynote. Very motivational and a superb call to action!

Btw, I migrated all PHP templates to Twig while in flying back to Paris. It took me something like 20 hours to migrate around 50 PHP templates. Controllers and Models were not changed.

Thanks Jon! I really appreciate your feedback :)