The large PHP community in Florida has organized a PHP developer conference in Miami, and you're invited! We will host some of the best speakers, latest technology, and up to date news in the industry. Don't hesitate, register now while space is still available. If you are a speaker please submit your talks soon before the call for papers ends on Dec. 1st. Sponsors are also welcome to view details on sponsorship on helping out.


Continuous Integration in Real Life
Talk by Beth Tucker Long
Symfony2 Intro
Talk by David Buchmann
Functional PHP
Talk by Larry Garfield
It Was Like That When I Got Here: Steps Toward Modernizing a Legacy Codebase
Talk by Paul M. Jones
Introduction to Modules in Zend Framework 2
Talk by Evan Coury
Twig Tips and Tricks
Talk by Javier Eguiluz
Introducing Tests in Legacy PHP Applications
Talk by Jeff Carouth
PHPUnit Best Practices
Talk by Sebastian Bergmann
PHP 5.5: The New Bits
Talk by Davey Shafik
Database Testing for Fun and Profit
Talk by Matthew Turland
Building OpenSky with Symfony2
Talk by Jonathan H. Wage
From POX to HATEOAS, Our Company's Journey to Build a Hypermedia API
Talk by Luke Stokes
Silex, the Microframework
Talk by Ben Longden
Step By Step: Making a Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI
Talk by David Buchmann
Bringing Symfony Components into Your Legacy Code
Talk by Hugo Hamon
Replication with MySQL
Talk by Ligaya Turmelle
Virtualized Development
Talk by Juozas
DOs and DON’Ts of MongoDB
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
How Kris Writes Symfony Apps
Talk by Kris Wallsmith
Bringing Good Design to the Table
Talk by Brian Fenton
Symfony2 + EmberJS for fun and profit
Talk by Dustin Whittle
Cryptography for the Average Developer
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Symfony and Javascript Combining the Best of Two Worlds
Talk by Nacho Martín
Dependency Management with Composer
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
How to start a user group
Talk by Beth Tucker Long
Agent of Change
Talk by Matt Frost
IBM i: Fertile Ground for PHP Developers
Talk by Alan Seiden