The Symfony Live Conference 2012 is a unique opportunity to meet the Symfony community, talk with the Symfony core team, and share your experience with the framework.


What do I get from the full stack framework?
Talk by Richard Miller
Security: In Real Life
Talk by Johannes Schmitt
Conference Speaking 101
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap
What mom never told you about Bundle configurations
Talk by Dennis Benkert
How we built the new responsive BBC News site
Talk by John Cleveley
Dependency Management with Composer
Talk by Jordi Boggiano, Nils Adermann
Using MongoDB responsibly
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Advanced Silex
Talk by Igor
Dynamic Routing
Talk by David Buchmann
Designing REST API with Silex
Talk by Hugo Hamon
twig.js: The Templating Engine for the Client-Side
Talk by Johannes Schmitt
Symfony2 components to the rescue of your PHP projects
Talk by Xavier Lacot
Composer's SAT solver
Talk by Nils Adermann
Social Event by Jeremy Mikola
Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
Keynote by David Zuelke
Introduction to Propel2
Talk by William Durand
ORMs don't kill your database, developers do!
Talk by Guilherme Blanco
Advanced Service Container Utilization
Talk by Richard Miller
Redis - Your advanced in-memory key-value store
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
There is a Bundle for that
Talk by Christophe Coevoet, Lukas Kahwe Smith
Behat by example (Behat best practices)
Talk by Konstantin Kudryashov
Symfony2 search engine propelled by Solr
Talk by Xavier Briand
Symfony2 meets Drupal 8
Talk by Larry Garfield
Object Calisthenics applied to PHP
Talk by Guilherme Blanco
L'utilisation de Symfony2 chez Overblog
Talk by Xavier HAUSHERR
Declare Independence from your IT department: sysadmin skills for Symfony developers
Talk by Pablo Godel
Improving Code Quality with Jenkins
Talk by Sebastian Göttschkes
Git internals and how to use them in PHP
Talk by Magnus Nordlander
Translating Symfony Docs
Talk by Massimiliano Arione
Agile and Symfony
Talk by David Buchmann
PHP developers, what can Postgresql do for you ?
Talk by Grégoire HUBERT
Realtime Web Apps with WebSockets
Talk by Igor