Talk comments

Serkan Yildiz at 14:07 on 4 Jan 2018

Thanks for your talk Lander! It was a short but powerful introduction to mutation testing.

Cosmin Sandu at 16:04 on 29 Nov 2017

Presentation can be found here:

on Keynote

Jose Monagas at 01:35 on 23 Nov 2017

When you love what you have created nothing can go wrong. Great job!

on Keynote

Jose Monagas at 01:33 on 23 Nov 2017

Great sum up and speaker.

Jose Monagas at 01:30 on 23 Nov 2017

One of the best improvements in Symfony nowadays and perfectly explained by Nicolas. Congratulations!

Jose Monagas at 01:27 on 23 Nov 2017

He is a master of talks. I am waiting for the youtube video to see this talk again. I was expecting a lot from this talk and I receive more than I expect. Congratulations!

Jose Monagas at 01:25 on 23 Nov 2017

The best speaker in my opinion. Good connection with the audience and her talk was full of good quality content.

Jose Monagas at 01:23 on 23 Nov 2017

Great Loco-speaker and great talk discovering some tricks about translations.

Jose Monagas at 01:21 on 23 Nov 2017

Nice talk to know which tools you should use for performance issues.

Jose Monagas at 01:18 on 23 Nov 2017

For me was the best talk in the conference. Good quality content and great speaker. It was a shame the lack of time for the end part of the presentation.