Talk comments

Alex Niedre at 10:53 on 19 Feb 2016

Really liked the talk. Shame there's no video of it to recap. :)

Hugo Hamon at 09:43 on 30 Dec 2015

I forgot to give my feedback but as always the talk was great! Thanks Ryan for the talk and the new Guard component :)

A fantastic talk with a really important message behind it.

This is one of those keynotes that should be mandatory watching (with a yearly refresher) by anyone who uses twitter, uses open source projects or works on open source projects.

Excellent talk! Very straightforward and full of nice tricks that definitely deserve to be adopted!

Great talk! the approach was clear and well explained and the library looks very promising.

Great presentation! Clear and well explained.
Thanks for sharing your experience!

The content was interesting but the presentation was a mess!
It would be better if it a was more natural, we even haven't notice any transition in your explanations.

Anyway, Thank you for your priceless contributions to the community!