Talk comments

Sinan Soezen at 08:15 on 6 Nov 2018

Interessanter und lehrreicher Workshop für die ersten Schritte mit PACT, sympathischer Referent. Der praktische Anteil könnte ein klein wenig höher sein, dennoch sehr hilfreich. Vielen Dank!

Sinan Soezen at 08:10 on 6 Nov 2018

Really helpful workshop and nicely presented. Good mix of theory and practical contents. Thanks a lot!

Entertaining talk, many good insights, my favourite of this year's SymfonyLive Berlin!

Anonymous at 10:15 on 1 Nov 2018

The idea solving small exercises and working towards understanding how the workflow component works was generally good. But I think we could have skipped the moore state machine and start directly with the mealy one.

The coding blocks should have been shorter. So instead of having one hour for 3 exercises, make it 3x 15min with a recap of possible solutions, after each. I felt that, especially in the afternoon, it was a quite a hurry with interrupting the coding and moving to a new subject, e.g. workflow events. Like I said, I missed some short recaps.

But overall it was worthwhile and did learned quite something. Thanks Tobias.

Thanks for the presentation and lots of practical advice on how to use k8s for development. I taking many interesting ideas back to the office. Thanks for the lively demos also!

Thanks for the overview of the doctrine packages and being passinate about mongoDB module. Well structured talk and pricise wording made it easy to follow. A series of talks that focus on the most interesting modules would be great.

Firman at 16:09 on 31 Oct 2018

Very good talk about a subject that many people seem to ignore (to their own detriment). Using good names in code reduces mistakes and bugs.

Firman at 16:07 on 31 Oct 2018

It's always nice to see an open source tool being promoted by not the makers but by a believer. The speaker is well-prepared and knows the subject well.

Firman at 15:55 on 31 Oct 2018

Man hat nicht das Gefühl, dass der Speaker zu viele Informationen/Themen in den Workshop reinstopfen möchte, sondern sich auf die wichtigsten Sachen fokussieren und tiefe Einblicke gewähren.

Real perfect workshop for decoupling your services!