The unconference in Mannheim

Saturday 12th October 2019

Full Skill Developer
Keynote by Mirjam Bäuerlein in DanceFloor (45 minutes)

What you need besides development skills

12:10 Deploying straight to Production: A Scientist approach with Experiments
Talk by Mark Baker in DanceFloor (45 minutes)

Deploying directly to production and testing in live can be scary, especially when your business can’t afford to lose any of its traffic; but having a staging environment isn’t always an option, and with the right approach, the risks of deploying straight to production can be mitigated.

From Event Storming to Working Code
Talk by Alexander Miertsch in Aquarium (45 minutes)


first steps to Accessibiity
Talk by Jens Grochtdreis in HomeBase (45 minutes)


14:00 Deutsch für Techies
Talk by Melanie Feldmann in DanceFloor (45 minutes)


Sustainability in Software development
Workshop by Maximilian Berghofff in Aquarium (45 minutes)


Web Performance Optimization
Talk by Daniel Ruf in HomeBase (45 minutes)

In this talk I show you how you can drastically improve the performance for clients, here on an OXID shop. The result was a loading time of 1s (before it was 5 - 6 seconds) and less than 1MB data.

Managing (remote) teams
Talk by Volker Göbbels in DanceFloor (45 minutes)

Slides can be found here:

Schrödingers SQL - The SQL inside the ORM/Builder box
Talk by Claudio in Aquarium (45 minutes)

Why should someone care about SQL, when a developer can abstract it into code? What about an ORMs? What impacts are there for a project? The database is out of sight, the database is out of mind, but this is where problems can start. This talk is about the importance of the database in a project and that SQL abstractions can add up to problems for your project. Know your database and the tools accessing it.

Talk by Christoph Hautzinger in HomeBase (45 minutes)


git in the team
Talk by Thomas Weinert in DanceFloor (45 minutes)


Security as a process - Secure SDLC for smaller teams
Talk by Frank Kleine in Aquarium (45 minutes)

We will look into the software development lifecycle, how to turn it into a secure software development lifecycle and take a look at a tool that can help with that even if you are just a small team and not a large process driven company.

How does a fulltext search-engine work
Talk by Alexander Reelsen in HomeBase (45 minutes)


17:00 Introduction to Kubernetes
Talk by Bastian Hofmann in DanceFloor (45 minutes)


My journey of building a (maybe soon) AWS core service
Talk by Michael Bahr in Aquarium (45 minutes)

It all started with a tweet including #awswishlist. AWS is lacking the ability of ad hoc scheduling, e.g. for notifying millions of users about the superbowl. So I set out to build a service that excels in precision, scale and hotspots, as well as cost. Pretty tough to get right when you're looking at millions of events per hour. Join me in my journey, learn about the difficulties and judge the result.

Open-Source Project Management 101
Talk by Christian Lück in HomeBase (45 minutes)

Do you need suits and an MBA to be a manager? Hint: You do not. Learn what it takes to successfully manage open-source projects of varying sizes each with their unique constraints - whether you're just getting started with open-source or whether you're already a successful contributor or maintainer.