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Friday 24th November 2023

09:50 The Era Of Standalone Apis
Talk by Aristeidis Bampakos (40 minutes)

The new Angular Standalone APIs provide a modern and simpler approach to develop Angular applications. In this talk, we will learn how to use them extensively in Angular applications from scaffolding a new Angular project up to using well known providers such as the router and the HTTP client. We will also cover migration strategies on how to use Standalone APIs in existing NgModule-based applications.

10:30 Angular Signals: What's All the Fuss About?
Talk by Daniela Bonvini (40 minutes)

Angular signals are a new feature that has the potential to revolutionize reactive programming in Angular, but apart from the newness of this new approach, the extreme love of some or the intense rejection of others, what are they really useful for? Was it because the word 'reactive' was attractive in a new feature or because it was a much-needed introduction to the world of Angular? Moreover, I will try to answer the most polarizing question after 'Does pineapple go on pizza': will signals replace RxJs? In this talk, I will take you through the history of Angular's signals, from inception to creation to implementation, to understand what leads to their genesis. You will learn what signals are and how they work, and through real-world use cases, I will show you how you can use them, switching existing logic from observables to signals. I invite you to join me on this journey towards a new era of Angular to learn more about signals and how they can improve your Angular development experience.

Nx - Enter Enterprise Development for Angular
Talk by Juri Strumpflohner (40 minutes)

Angular is a key player in enterprise-level development, where robust and scalable software solutions are crucial. This talk distills the essentials of adopting Nx for your Angular projects. We'll unpack how Nx elevates your development strategy, ensuring scalability, maintainability, and efficiency at an enterprise level. Learn how Nx's advanced tooling and capabilities streamline team collaboration, code consistency, and CI processes, positioning your projects at the forefront of modern development practices.

ELI5 Angular Hydration
Talk by Soumaya Erradi (40 minutes)

Angular 16, which was released earlier this year, represents a significant breakthrough for Angular developers. One of the notable advancements in this release pertains to server-side rendering (SSR) hydration. Let's explore how hydration has evolved in Angular development, comparing it to the previous approach and highlighting the improvements in the latest release.

Consistent UIs with Angular, RxJS and NgRx
Talk by Michele Stieven (30 minutes)

Creating UIs isn't that difficult, but creating consistent UIs without bugs is really hard. With the amount of tools we have in 2023, the amount of inconsistent apps and websites we visit every day is absurd and frustrating. Can we fix our own apps with the help of some libraries? I think we can!

How Well Do You Know Angular? Let's Have Fun Together!
Talk by Fabio Biondi (30 minutes)

Curious about your Angular knowledge? Ready to take on a friendly challenge? In this lively and engaging session, we invite you to participate in an interactive quiz centered around the Angular ecosystem. Whether you're new to Angular or a seasoned pro, this quiz is designed to spark curiosity and deepen understanding, all in a collaborative and fun environment. Engage with the speaker, answer questions, and learn more about the subject through technical insights and explanations.

The Hitchhiker' s Guide To NGRX
Talk by Enrico Giacomazzi (40 minutes)

NGRX is a fantastic framework that allows us to make Angular applications with a clear state management, but many developers are afraid to use it because it looks complex and overkill. DON'T PANIC! In this talk i want to show you how it works and a bunch of examples and tip and tricks to allow you a better use of NGRX, especially for the effects (the nightmare of all developers that use NGRX!)

Clean Up Your Dom By Using The Full Power Of Angular Host Elements
Talk by Rafael Mestre (40 minutes)

Unlike other frameworks, Angular creates an element for every component. This can clutter your DOM with wrappers and third-party components. Learn how to extend your host element capabilities with classes instead of inputs, @HostListeners instead of wrappers, Directive Composition API instead of nested components, and more!

One Codebase to Rule Them All: A Monorepo Journey
Talk by Stefani Tsolova (40 minutes)

Have you ever had to manage multiple repositories for your interdependent npm packages? If so, I bet you've struggled with it at some point. And quite some for that matter. You might think that migrating to a monorepo is the obvious solution, and most of the time you'll be right. But what is the cost? In this session, we'll talk about the pros and cons of each approach and how to navigate the challenges that come with them. Get an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes as I unveil my personal journey in developing one of the most Angular extensive web components libraries!