jsDay will be all about Javascript and web development.

Wednesday 9th May 2018

09:45 Pinterest ❤ Mobile Web
Keynote by Zack Argyle in Frontendy track (1 hour)
Rated 5
My journey with WebGL
Talk by Luigi De Rosa in Frontendy track (1 hour)
HTTP2, one frame at a time
Talk by Irina Shestak in Backendy track (1 hour)
12:00 ES Modules: The next revolution?
Talk by Nir Noy in Frontendy track (1 hour)
The future will be Serverless
Talk by Luciano Mammino in Backendy track (1 hour)
14:30 LDD PWA (Lighthouse Driven Development for Progressive Web Apps)
Talk by Maurizio Mangione in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
Jest Testing Patterns
Talk by Liran Tal in Backendy track (30 minutes)
15:00 Creating an Enterprise Frontend Library in 2018
Talk by Chema Balsas in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
Rated 4
My node.js process is on fire
Talk by Matteo Collina in Backendy track (30 minutes)
15:30 The vanilla way
Talk by Guido D'Orsi in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
Chatbots in JS: Overview and implementation
Talk by Yann Leflour in Backendy track (30 minutes)
Rated 5
Coding The Fork app in React Native
Talk by Aurore Malherbes in Frontendy track (1 hour)
TypeScript - JavaScript you are gonna love
Talk by Vitalii Bobrov in Backendy track (1 hour)

Thursday 10th May 2018

09:45 Everything is awesome: the Lego approach to being an awesome coworker
Keynote by Paul Verbeek-Mast in Frontendy track (1 hour)
11:00 StranglerApplication pattern: a legacy frontend use case
Talk by Francesco Strazzullo in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
Rated 4
Node Microservices - the definitive guide
Talk by Ivan Jovanovic in Backendy track (30 minutes)
Rated 0
The Node.js Performance Workshop
Workshop by Matteo Collina, Luca Maraschi in WS / Unconf track (2 hours)
11:30 Web Payment APIs
Talk by Jonni Nakari in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
Finding Your Voice: Building Screenless Interfaces with Node.js
Talk by Nara Kasbergen in Backendy track (30 minutes)
12:00 Do the Right (to Left) Thing: Directional Content in React
Talk by Maja Wichrowska in Frontendy track (1 hour)
Node.js Security: Breaking The Loop
Talk by Liran Tal in Backendy track (1 hour)
14:30 PWA as a new Cyber Attack Vector
Talk by Vitalii Bobrov in Frontendy track (30 minutes)
IPFS and how to distribute the web
Talk by Fredrik Rubensson in Backendy track (30 minutes)
Rated 0
Hitchhiker's guide to the "Universe"
Talk by Giacomo Zinetti in WS / Unconf track (15 minutes)
Rated 0
ES2018 and beyond
Talk by Massimo Artizzu in WS / Unconf track (15 minutes)
15:00 “The Upside Down” of the web: Video
Talk by Mate Nadasdi in Frontendy track (1 hour)
Server Side Rendering from the trenches
Talk by William Durand in Backendy track (1 hour)
Rated 0
Vue Storefront: a PWA open source for e-commerce. Quick overview!
Talk by Lorena Ramonda, Irene Iaccio in WS / Unconf track (15 minutes)
Rated 4
10KB or Bust: The Delicate Power of Webpack and Babel
Talk by Brian Holt in Frontendy track (1 hour)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the browser
Talk by Keyfer Mathewson in Backendy track (1 hour)
Rated 5
Your brain doesn't have a fix flag
Keynote by Sara Vieira in Frontendy track (30 minutes)